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A Visit to Yugoslav Macedonia.
Balkan Locarno and the Macedonian Question.
Bulgarian Folklore and Fine Literature. Translated into English, French and German.
Bulgarian Folktales.
Bulgaria’s True Record.
Foxy Ferdinand. Tsar of Bulgaria.
Macedonia: A Switzerland of the Balkans.
Macedonia. Documents and Material.
Macedonia from S.S. Cyril and Methodius to Horace Lunt and Blazhe Koneski: Language and Nationality.
Macedonia Illustrated.
Macedonia. Keystone of a Balkan Union. The Ideological Aspects of the Macedonian Question.
Macedonia. Photo-Album.
Medicine in the United States and Soviet Union. A Comparitive and Critical Study.
MPO Annual Report and Convention Program. Unity ’90.
Stalin and the Macedonian Question.
Hard Soft
Struggle For Freedom.
The Balkan Policy of the Paris Peace Conference as seen in 1919 and 1945.
The Bulgarian Resurgence.
The Bulgarians. From Their Arrival in the Balkans to Modern Times: Thirteen Centuries of History.
The Case for an Autonomous Macedonia (A Symposium).
The Cyprus Problem and Macedonia. (An exposé of Greece’s oppression of her ethnic minorities).
The Eagle and the Stork.
The Macedonian Bulgarians. By the testimony of Enver-Bey (Pasha) Turkish National Hero.
The Macedonian Question and Yugoslavia. An Interview with Ivan Mihailoff.
The Macedonian Slavs. Their National Character and Struggles.
The Plight of the Bulgarians under the Rule of Serbs and Greeks from 1912 up to the Present Day.
The Tragic Peninsula. A History of the Macedonian Movement for Independence Since 1878.
The Truth About Macedonia. American Missionaries’ Testimony.
The Truth About “The Macedonians”. According to the “Harvard Encyclopedia of American Ethnic Groups in America” Published in October, 1980.
What is the National Character of the Macedonian Slavs?
Works of Bulgarian Emigrants. An Annotated Bibliography.
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